Surveys For Restaurants

I'm a restaurant owner and wondering how to ask diners to leave a Zagat survey?

Our all-new Zagat review platform is now live in Miami. As part of our roll out, we want to help you connect with diners and drive new people to your business by encouraging your most loyal customers to take a survey and rate their experience(s).

The new platform has the same goal as the original guide— to aggregate the opinions of restaurant goers and create a trusted, useful resource for discovering and sharing dining experiences.

You can ask customers to help your restaurant become Zagat Rated! The legendary Zagat survey has opened its 2021 survey and we want your customers to take it today. As Zagat has always been driven by users reviews, it's their voice that matters most in helping restaurants become Zagat Rated.

Here's some helpful talking points to share with restaurant staff:

    • The Zagat survey has returned for 2021 and we’re asking our customers if they’d be willing to complete the Zagat survey for our restaurant. 
    • Zagat reviews are driven by diners and not professional critics. So your voice matters in helping us earn the title of ‘Zagat Rated’
    • You can download the Zagat app in the App Store and search us on there, or visit and find our business to take the survey. 

How to request Zagat materials for promoting that customers take surveys?

We want to provide you with helpful marketing materials to ensure your loyal consumers know how to review you on the new Zagat website/app. From postcards to window stickers to printable QR codes to post in your restaurant, share your information so we can connect with you and help you get the word out.

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Are Zagat materials customized for a particular restaurant?

We'll give you the tools to promote your restaurant on Zagat. We’ve been supporting restaurants for over 40 years and we want to continue to do so. Give us some info and we’ll send you marketing materials to help your loyal customers support you on our new platform.

A restaurant can sign up for:

  • Helpful messaging and links to share with your customers to drive survey’s of your restaurant, helping you become Zagat Rated in 2021. 
  • Designed turnkey collateral featuring a unique QR code to your restaurant’s Zagat listing that can be easily printed and used at your restaurant or via social media
  • Additional printed materials that will send to you directly to share with your customers and encourage them to celebrate your restaurant in the 2021 Zagat Survey. 

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How does a restaurant receive a Zagat Rated sticker?

While the new Zagat will not include a print guide, we will be classifying certain restaurants as ZAGAT RATED, as we would have in the past. Restaurants who meet a high rating threshold from a high volume of user surveys will receive a ZAGAT RATED sticker later this year and will be designated as such on the Zagat website and apps.

What is the policy for restaurant staff or PR teams taking surveys?

Anyone with a valid email address who has eaten at or ordered from a restaurant over the past year is welcome to take a survey on Zagat. The exceptions to this are employees of restaurants and any firms that represent restaurants taking the survey for their own venue. There is a team dedicated to ensuring the authenticity of all submissions and restaurant surveys that violate this rule will be removed from the platform.

If a user has a relevant association with a restaurant or its owners then it's expected to give full disclosure within the survey. Transparency and honesty is the best policy.

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